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PipesWorld is Back Open!

We are back in business with an inventory of over 600 pipes on sale at reasonable prices. With there is no need to break the bank to smoke a pipe.

All prices are in US dollars.

MacQueen Wood Stem Pipes

MacQueen Pipes MacQueen Pipes, the Wooden Stem Company, hails from London, Ontario in Canada. Their Lord of the Rings and Ceard series pipes are unique in that the stems are made from exotic woods such as oak, ebony, zebra wood and ash.

Paradis Supreme

Paradis Supreme The Paradis brothers have really outdone themselves this time! The quality of their plateau briar was so great we commissioned a special line of pipes from it. In a fact, we practically invented a new shape: the Supreme series is 6 1/ 4 inches long, giving you a lot of extra briar length for cool smoking.

Trypis Plateau

Paradis SupremePhilip Trypis has been carving pipes for over 40 years. Using skills he learned he learned from his father and grandfather, Trypis has carved our line of Trypis Plateau from his personal stock of well-aged Grecian briar. Here is old-world craftmanship and quality at an unbeatable price!

Brigham Pipes

Brigham Lowlander! Roy Brigham, after serving an apprenticeship under an Austrian pipesmith, started his own pipe repair shop in Toronto, in 1906. Nearly 100 years later, Brigham pipes still speak of quality at very affordable prices. Best of all, the filters developed by Roy are in our opinion the best we've ever come across!

Philip Trypis Pipes

Trypis Pipes A well known pipe artisan in Canada, Philip Trypis makes a fantastic selection of quality pipes at an affordable price. His pipe selections range from Calabash made from real gourd, to petite "lady" pipes, churchwardens, sitters, a classic bulldog, and more. Take a look at these great pipes today!


Kaywoodie PipesKaywoodie has a long, proud history in America. The Kaywoodie line appeals to discerning pipe smokers today as it did to generations before. Don't forget to browse their "Pipe of the Year": a quality pipe that feels good in your hand.

Sasieni 4 Dots

Sasieni 4 Dot Produced from the finest quality Bruyere, each bowl is hand selected for it's flawlessness and the beauty of its grain. Each mouthpiece, fashioned from the finest vulcanite and polished to a mirror-like smoothness. A great buy in a classic pipe series.

Nording Silver Series

Nording Pipes PipesWorld is pleased to be able to offer a selection of the few remaining Nording Silver Series pipes. A great pipe for the money, these pipes are a Nording Hand Carved Creation, with a sterling silver band!

Brebbia Pipes

Brebbia It was in 1947 when Enea Buzzi and his cousin Achille Savinelli, whose father managed a retail tobacconistís shop selling smokerís products in Milan, decided to manufacture pipes. Brebbia remains a small and solid company that produces quality pipes and collectorís pipes.

Neerup Pipes

Neerup Neerup is Danish craftsmanship at its best! Having made pipes in Denmark for many years, it was Peder's dream to offer the world his craftsmanship along with his personal touch. Well, this is day one for the lasting legacy of Peder Jeppesen.

Mastro de Paja Pipes

Mastro Pipes Mastro de Paja, the standard in Italian pipe making. These are exquisite pipes made from Mediterranean briar into unparalleled works of art and design, by Mastro's noted craftsman. They are a pleasure to smoke, and a site to behold.Take a look at these great pipes today!

Paradis Pipes

ParadisThe Paradis brothers, Gilles and Fernand, from Quebec City, Canada, have built a line of affordable pipes that are easy on the budget, and ideal for the new and experienced pipe smoker. This is one of the best selling lines series at PipesWorld!

Paradis Churchwardens

Paradis From our friends at Paradis are two great looking Churchwardens, made exclusively for PipesWorld! As usual, the Paradis brothers have constructed a pipe of great quality and balance, at an amazingly affordable price.

Pollock Clay Pipes

Pollock Using original molds, these pipes are a piece of history, make great collectables, and offer pure tobacco taste when smoking. Pick one up today!

Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum Pipes PipesWorld has Meerschaum pipes from Turkey. These pipes are works of art, smoke great, and will age with a nice patina. In bringing these pipes into the PipesWorld line of pipes, we decided to go with a higher grade Meerschaum to get a better quality pipe, with better quality workmanship.